Seasonal Allergies, Colds & Sinusitis Treatment in West Chester, PA

Seasonal Allergies, Colds & Sinusitis Treatment in West Chester, PA

Some illnesses require immediate treatment, while others may feel more minor. No matter whether you feel achy all over or have a stuffy and blocked up nose, the last thing you will want is for those symptoms to get worse.

Here at AFC Urgent Care West Chester we are experts in a variety of illnesses, from the minor to the more severe. One of the most common complaints that people come to us with are cold symptoms. Cold symptoms may seem like a minor nuisance, but they can be misleading and hide another issue that requires diagnosis.

This is where our doctors can help you. Simply by visiting our AFC Urgent Care West Chester walk-in clinic, you will be able to see a physician and discuss the symptoms that you have. This means that you will receive a diagnosis that you can trust, as well as the high quality treatment that you require.

What could be behind your symptoms?

The first step to knowing what is causing your symptoms is an accurate diagnosis. This can ascertain the difference between a cold, an allergy or sinusitis. Here are the main differences between the different illnesses.


A cold is often accompanied with aches throughout your body and a sore throat. You may also have a fever too. A cold will clear up relatively quickly and can only take a few days to run their course. After a few days of feeling below par, you could soon be right as rain. However, if you have a particularly bad cold, medication may be needed to reduce your symptoms and speed up your recovery. A flu shot it a great preventive way to avoid a bad cold or flu and is covered by most major insurance carriers.


While a cold can be accompanied with a fever or aches, allergies tend to be a combination of a runny and stuffy nose with watery and itchy eyes. Allergy symptoms will usually appear after you are exposed to a specific allergen. They are likely to reoccur periodically whenever you are exposed to it again.


The main symptom of sinusitis is a painful and swollen feeling in your face. This will be felt in your cheeks and your forehead too. This will be accompanied with a stuffy nose and sometimes coloured mucus. Sinusitis can last as long as 4 weeks and can leave you feeling very uncomfortable.

If you have a cold, then you may also find that you have a build-up of earwax. Earwax can build up over time leading to a painful and uncomfortable problem.

You should never clear out any hardened or embedded ear wax yourself. Instead you should you see an experienced doctor who can offer you the diagnosis and treatment you need to feel better. A doctor can also properly clean your ear without damaging your hearing or causing further pain.

No matter your problem, AFC Urgent Care West Chester can give you the results that you are looking for. Colds, allergies or sinusitis can be dealt with swiftly with the highest quality medical care at a very affordable price. It is our overriding goal to make sure that you feel better in no time at all.

Our Urgent Care Center never requires an appointment to see one of our highly-experienced physicians. Simply walk into the clinic, receive the diagnosis you need and the treatment that will have you feeling back to your normal self.

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