Ringworm Treatment at Urgent Care & Walk-In Clinic in West Chester, PA

No one wants to have a skin infection. Regardless of the type of skin infection, you are sure to have to cope with itchy and painful skin that leaves you feeling uncomfortable.

Ringworm Treatment at Urgent Care & Walk-In Clinic in West Chester, PA

Here at AFC Urgent Care in West Chester we see a variety of different skin complaints at our walk-in medical clinic. One of the most common is Ringworm.

While the name may suggest an infection by a worm or parasite, Ringworm is actually a fungal infection that is often found on your scalp, body, feet or groin. It particularly loves warm and moist places, which is why you are most likely to find the tell-tale round rash in those parts of your body which are sweaty.

Why it is important to see a specialist about Ringworm

Ringworm rash is so noticeable you can instantly pick up on it. However, this means you may find yourself confusing ringworm with another form of skin infection. The best way to make sure that you are treating the right infection is to see a specialist in regards to your symptoms.

If you see any signs that you think could be ringworm, you should seek a diagnosis from a professional immediately.

How can you tell whether or not you have ringworm?

So, how can you tell whether or not you have ringworm? Some of the most common symptoms of ringworm to look for include:

  • Itching and uncomfortable skin
  • Round patches of dry skin
  • Scaly red patches of skin that appear in sweaty areas of your body

Ringworm can also show up on your nails, as fungus is known to grow in this area too.

A particularly contagious condition, ringworm can easily be transferred from person to person, simply by touching them. Not only this, but animals can also spread the fungus, especially cats. If you believe that you might have ringworm, then you should try to limit the amount of contact that you have with other people, otherwise you could find that you pass the infection onto others.

At the first sign of a possible ringworm infection you should seek medical advice. As we offer a completely appointment free, walk-in basis to our services, you can be seen when you need to at your convenience. This means that in no time at all, you can be on the way to feeling better and having rash free, and itch free skin. Don’t suffer in silence with dry and itchy skin. If you think that you have ringworm, come and see us here at AFC Urgent Care today.

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