Sprain, Strain and Broken Ankle in West Chester, PA

Sprain, Strain and Broken Ankle in West Chester, PA

Think an urgent care center is just for a cold or cough? Here at AFC Urgent Care West Chester, we can treat a wide variety of issues, including sprains, strains and broken ankles.

Instead of heading to the emergency room, you can receive a professional level of care by turning to us instead. Avoid waiting for days for your primary care physician to be available or the long waits and high costs of a traditional emergency room. We are experienced in treating a variety of different medical issues. We approach each and every one promptly and professionally.

On top of not needing to make an appointment with us, our services are also available at a reduced rate. Quite often costing as much as third less than a visit to the emergency room.

Strains, sprains and broken ankles

A common issue that we see here at AFC Urgent Care West Chester is injuries to ankles. These can be caused by being active, taking part in sports, or simply by being out and about and enjoying the local area.

The one thing to remember with any form of ankle injury is that it is important to receive swift treatment. Failure to do this could result in a much more serious injury developing and leave you with chronic long term pain or lack of movement.

It doesn’t matter if you think you have sprained, strained or broken your ankle, each type of injury should be checked by a medical professional.


Sprains are damage to the ligament that connects the bones together. It is often caused by a stretch or a tear and can be incredibly painful even when resting. The pain becomes worse when you run, walk or try to make any sudden movement. Sometimes seen as a more minor injury, sprains still require prompt diagnosis and treatment. They can also be the result of a larger tear which is a major injury if untreated.


Muscles and tendons are responsible for moving your bones, however they can be easily injured. If you pull a muscle or tendon in your body, then you will have strained it. This is often a direct cause of not stretching properly when working out, or simply being too hard on yourself while you train. Strains are often seen in the back or in the hamstring, however, they can appear in any part of your body where there are muscles and tendons.


Seen as the most serious of the three injuries, if you suspect that you have a broken ankle then it is vital you have it seen to. Broken ankles can be incredibly painful and require immediate diagnosis and treatment. Failure to do this could result in long term issues.

Think you may have one of the above types of injuries to your ankle? If you do, then you may want to head to AFC Urgent Care West Chester and have them checked out. At our walk-in urgent care facility, we have a digital x-ray onsite. Our experienced doctors will use this powerful diagnostic tool to determine your treatment. We can also at your request forward these images to your primary care physician.

We have extended hours and are open on the weekends. We operate on a walk in, no-appointment basis which means you can receive the treatment you need, exactly at a time that suits you!

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